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About us

Finding a suitable psychotherapist can be very difficult. There are hundreds of psychotherapy styles out there and it can be impossible to know which one is the best fit. It is also very hard to know which psychotherapist is qualified as many private accrediting bodies exist without any governmental regulation or oversight.

We remove the guesswork by finding the most suitable psychotherapist in London for you. Our service is run by leading mental health experts that will find a suitable psychotherapist near you. This service is free of charge as matched psychotherapists pay a small commission.

Reasons to choose us as your psychotherapist finder in London, UK

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Mental Wellbeing Issues

We have 8 + years of experience in matching people that suffer from a wide range of mental health problems with suitable psychotherapists in London.


Experts in finding the right psychotherapists near you in an unregulated market.

Quality over Quantity

All psychotherapists are selected for their expertise and ability. We emphasise quality over quantity.


We will connect you with a suitable psychotherapist for FREE.

Extensive Network

Able to find a skilled psychotherapist for most problems.


Our staff consists of experts in mental health.

Responsive service

We aim to immediately address client enquiries.

How it works

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You make a search request with us

By clicking the Connect Now button you can begin your search for a suitable psychotherapist.

Your request is reviewed

We will review your request and match you with a suitable psychotherapist.

The journey begins

We may contact you to ensure that you are satisfied.

Customer reviews after finding a suitable psychotherapist in London with us.


Our network of therapists are able to help you with most problems. They draw their knowledge from many evidence based forms of psychotherapy such as those below.

Systemic Therapies / Interpersonal Therapies

These forms of psychotherapy look at how structures of two or more people can cause distress and what can be

Psychoanalytic Therapies

Forms of therapy that look at the motivations for behaviour, thoughts and distress by analysing things such as the subconscious

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Forms of psychotherapy which try to understand how behaviours and thoughts influence the maintenance and development of problems. Techniques and