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Whenever someone is looking for something like anxiety treatment in London, there needs to be a perfect match between a client’s needs and the professional’s personality and therapy or counselling style. Achieving an effective private mental health assessment allows for the best psychotherapist-patient and fit does not only promote a better dynamic, but also fosters a safe and private space for the client.

This is why Seekapsych has established an efficient process that will help you connect with a mental health professional for psychotherapy near you and private counselling in London. Led by top mental health experts, we are dedicated to finding you the most suitable psychologist near you for free.

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Depression Counselling in London is one of the many services we can connect you with

Mental health is a delicate matter that requires utmost care from trustworthy professionals. With the array of psychotherapy and counselling services in London, finding the right expert can be challenging. After all, compatibility plays a huge role in determining the success of any treatment. Some people have specific needs such as finding a male therapist.

Today, there’s a huge number of mental health professionals within London alone. Many therapists offer a range of psychological processes and treatments, ranging from various kinds of therapy and specialised counselling services. Seekapsych can help find the best fit among these therapy and counselling services.

Find and connect with trusted certified counsellors and therapists in London from our network and schedule successful psychotherapy near you.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling focuses on personal concerns and struggles. Some suffers may ask: Why is life so hard? A qualified professional works with you in a safe and open space, allowing you to discuss and find solutions to these problems. This may cover a wide range of experiences and topics, including emotional counselling and career counselling. We can help find a suitable psychotherapist near you.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is a type of counselling that focuses on the improvement of an intimate relationship. Together with your significant other, a therapist helps you strengthen your bond and repair weaknesses in your relationship through healthy and open communication.

Children’s Counselling

Child counselling is specifically designed for children to pre-adolescents. This form of counselling helps your young ones overcome their struggles or process their trauma and fears in a safe and controlled environment with a trained professional for suitable psychotherapy.

Family Counselling

Family counselling focuses on the relationships within the family, whether it is between spouses or parents to children. This type of psychotherapy aims to strengthen these relationships and spark healthy interactions within the family.

Experiences of working with a Psychologist in London

Read how clients benefited from visiting a private therapy clinic. Our focus is on matching you with the right person.


Unmatched Experience in Therapist Matching

Seekapsych has more than 8 years of experience in hand matching clients with the best anxiety treatment in London. You can rest assured that we will do our best to find the perfect psychotherapist near you.

Screened and Selected Database of Private Psychologists

Our psychologists and psychiatrists are thoroughly screened to ensure that we will only be matching you with the best mental health experts in London.

Fast Response Time

We do our best to be as responsive as possible in order to immediately address your enquiries. We know that our services are extremely time-sensitive, which is why we make sure that we can help you schedule counselling and psychotherapy sessions in London as soon as possible.

You Are Matched by Leading Mental Health Professionals

Sometimes it can be hard to find a private psychologist. Led by a team of leading mental health professionals, Seekapsych employs highly competent individuals that are trained in matching your needs such as psychiatrists near you.


Unlike other private psychologist finders in London, we do not charge you for using our service. We take a small commission from our London psychotherapy based counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists.

Seekapsych Holds Up High Standards for Our Services

Mental health is incredibly important, which is why finding the best counsellors, psychiatrists, and therapists who can provide you with the appropriate treatments. With Seekapsych, you can easily connect with the best therapists in London.

Reach out to certified mental health professionals and let us help you find the most compatible services for you. Our wide network of highly trained and experienced mental health professionals are fully vetted, ensuring that you get matched with a suitable psychotherapist.

How does Seekapsych’s therapy matching work?

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Fill out our “Connect with a Psychotherapist” form

By clicking on the “Connect with a Psychotherapist” button, you will be redirected to a contact form asking you for basic information such as a brief description of your difficulties.

We will review your request

After submitting the form to us, we will review your request promptly and study your case, so that our staff can appropriately refer you to a matching psychologist.

Start your journey with a suitable private psychologist

After we’ve matched you with one of the best experts, they will be in touch and schedule a session with you.

What Our Clients and Customers Have to Say About Seekapsych

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Types of mental health support

There are several types of private psychiatrists near you and psychotherapy in London. Each one is designed to help with various psychological and mental health conditions. Our aim is to connect you to appropriate therapists in London on our wide network of mental health experts.

man and woman taking interpersonal therapy
Systemic Therapies and Interpersonal Therapies

These forms of psychotherapy look at how structures of two or more people can cause distress and what can be done in order to address the problems such interpersonal dynamics can create. Many therapists in London have had to deal with relationship issues resulting from the COVID pandemic.

Man leaning during psychoanalytic therapy
Psychoanalytic Therapies

Forms of psychotherapy that look at the motivations for behaviour, thoughts, and distress by analysing things such as the subconscious. Many London based therapists that focus on psychoanalysis believe past experiences to be mainly responsible for current sufferings.

male counsellor and patient during cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

Forms of psychotherapy that try to understand how things such as behaviours, emotions, and thoughts influence the maintenance and development of problems. Techniques and methods are then used to provide an improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Counselling and psychotherapy include approaches that help people overcome specific issues, such as grief, addiction or any type of problems that may be impacting their quality of life.

Counsellors focus on the relationship with a client and often include relational approaches such as person-centred therapy. Although the differences are small, psychotherapists can, depending on the therapist’s preference, include more active approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Next to above counselling types, therapists in our network offer the following:

Online Counselling

Online counselling is any of the various types of psychotherapy done online. It is done over the internet with a suitable professional and may be conducted wherever you are, for your convenience. Many a Psychologist in London is able to offer online therapy.

ADHD Counselling

Learn more about ADHD and what kind of treatments are available. ADD and ADHD are crippling mental health difficulties and we can help you find suitable treatment in order to address this problem.

Depression Counselling also available in London

Depression can make life feel like a massive drag and make it impossible to be able to connect with those around you whilst also make life not feel like worth living.

Therapy for PTSD

Trauma can involve the development of post traumatic stress disorder. Learn more about this conditions and which kind of mental health professionals will be able to help you.

Help with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can heavily affect someones life and make it difficult to be able to be amongst other and can heavily be linked with anxiety and generalised avoidance and withdrawal from most aspects of life.

Addiction Counselling

Addictions can have a crippling affect on those affected by it. Addictions develop in a step wise process and the overall cost of it can therefore be hard to comprehend how bad life has become by those affected by it.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can make many things feel like fires that need to be extinguished. Learn more about anxiety and what you can do about it in order to improve many aspects within your life.

Seekapsych works by removing the guesswork of finding a suitable psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist in London. We will find and match you with a mental health professional that offers the best therapy or alternative treatment option for you anywhere in London.

We employ encryption and security standards that meet or exceed healthcare requirements. We also delete any request when a client has been successfully matched for suitable therapists London.

You will have the option to speak to us through a phone call (for a small fee) for an initial phone consultation. We will reach out to you to confirm that we have found a suitable London based therapist.

Your London-based counsellor will be in touch to schedule a session.

A typical therapy session can last anywhere between 45-60 minutes. More intense sessions can last longer, as well as sessions that involve other people, such as couples counselling.

Online therapy costs in London vary greatly. Prices can fall anywhere between £ 45-£ 250 per session. Depending on the experience and credentials of your therapist, this price can go higher as well.

The initial phone consultation with a qualified mental health professional charges a £20 (plus VAT) fee.Other than that, there are no upfront fees when you schedule a therapy session through Seekapsych. Our services work by getting a small commission from the relevant professional therapist in London.

Psychotherapy helps with a wide range of mental health issues and psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, and even stress management.

There are no upfront fees when you schedule a therapy session through Seekapsych. Our services work by getting a small commission from the relevant professional.

Seekapsych is led by a group of the leading mental health experts in London. We screen our patients through our “Connect with a psychotherapist” form and find the best match for the difficulties that they may be having.

If you opt for a 15-minute initial phone consultation, you will be charged a £20 (plus VAT) fee. This phone consultation will be conducted by a mental health professional and will help match you with a London-based psychotherapist.

Seekapsych has been around for more than 10 years and has successfully matched more than 35,000 clients with a competent male therapist.

There isn’t a specific reason or signal for you to go see a therapist. Generally, getting frequently overwhelmed or being unable to process or regulate emotions are good signs that you need therapy.

For many, seeing your therapist at least once a week is the norm. However, the frequency of sessions will highly depend on your availability and condition, as agreed upon with your therapist.