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It can be very difficult to know what kind of psychotherapist to choose from. Psychotherapy is not regulated by the government and therefore everyone can call themselves a therapist and offer treatment. There are also hundreds of therapy styles on offer.

We are specialised in knowing what kind of therapy and which kind of psychotherapist would be a good fit for someone. Our network consists of hand selected therapists that have to meet stringent criteria. We focus on quality and not quantity.

You can make a request to find a suitable psychotherapist or psychologist for you or your organisation’s needs free of charge (we make money by charging the relevant professional a small commission). We will then match you with a suitable professional who will contact you. There is no other paperwork involved and we delete your data after you have pursued a bout of therapy in a satisfactory manner.

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Mental Wellbeing Issues

We have 8 + years of experience in matching people that suffer from a wide range of mental health problems with suitable psychotherapists in London.


Experts in finding the right psychotherapists near you in an unregulated market.

Quality over Quantity

All psychotherapists are selected for their expertise and ability. We emphasise quality over quantity.


We will connect you with a suitable psychotherapist for FREE.

Extensive Network

Able to find a skilled psychotherapist for most problems.


Our staff consists of experts in mental health.

Responsive service

We aim to immediately address client enquiries.

Customer reviews after finding a suitable psychotherapist in London with us.