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It can be very difficult to know what kind of psychotherapy to choose from. Psychotherapy is not regulated by the government and therefore everyone can call themselves a therapist and offer treatment. There are also hundreds of therapy styles in London on offer.

We are specialised in knowing what kind of therapy and which kind of psychotherapist would be a good fit for someone. Some may seek depression counselling in London whilst someone else is seeking to address their OCD. Our network consists of hand selected therapists and psychologists that have to meet stringent criteria. We focus on quality and not quantity.

You can make a request to find a suitable psychotherapist or psychologist for you or your organisation’s needs free of charge (we make money by charging the relevant professional a small commission). We will then match you with a suitable professional who will contact you and be able to offer suitable offerings ranging from psychotherapy to a private mental health assessment. There is no other paperwork involved and we delete your data after you have pursued a bout of therapy in a satisfactory manner.

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About the Owner

I am Peter Klein and the founder of Seekapsych. I have published in leading newspapers such as the Guardian and after many years in private practice and having worked at the famous Priory Hospital, I noticed that there is a strong need for clients to find competent and suitable mental health professionals in London whilst at the same time not being able to sort out who is a good fit. That is the reason I created Seekapsych. We will always try to match you with the most suitable professionals and handle the frustrating and disheartening quest for finding right therapist.

I have worked as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist in London. My private practice has been situated in Richmond, London and I still run a psychotherapy practice. My focus is on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is an effective and short term method of psychotherapy. Its treatment approach is very scientific and has proven to be effective in treating problems such as Anxiety, Stress, Low Self-Esteem, Addiction, OCD and Depression. Although my main focus is on CBT, I heavily incorporate other scientifically underpinned approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Schema Therapy and Evolutionary Psychology. See below for a small excerpt of publications:

  • Using Evolutionary Psychology in Group Therapy.Daily Mirror, 6 April 2017. The couple dynamics of living with a narcissist. Metro Newspaper, 25 January 2018.
  • Men’s struggle with body image. The Guardian, 24 October 2018, Why Sniffing Your Partner’s Used Clothing Could Make You Happier :).
  • Refinery29, 4 October 2018, What to say when your Partner’s going through Heartbreak. Study International, 21 March 2018.
  • The effects of procrastination. Sunday Mirror, 24 February 2018. The psychology behind playground crazes. Metro Newspaper, 11 May 2018.
  • What it’s like to have Kleptomania. Huffington Post, 09 February 2019. Why do young people seek out self harm images online.
  • Metro Newspaper, 23 January 2019. How to cope if you suffer from free time paralysis. Grazia Magazine, 17 January 2019.
  • The Real Reason Behind our obsession with the 10 year challenge. Psychologies Magazine, 2016. An introduction to ACTOCD Online Test Citations, 2018. https://patient.info/health/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-leaflet/features/quiz-do-i-have-ocd

Some of our Valued Partners

Get to know some of our professionals able to offer a private mental health assessment and much more

Therapy Central is a group practice based in Central London that is run by Dr. Raffaello Antonino. Many experienced and highly qualified psychologists at therapy central have been valued partners within our network. This a recommended place for anxiety treatment in London.

Agneta Lindberg B.A.(Hons.), M.Sc., MBACP (Accred.), UKRC Reg. Ind. Counsellor*, is an accredited psychodynamic counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a certified fitness professional.

She has over 20 years’ counselling experience and has through her expertise provided a helpful contribution.

Charles Campbell

Charles Campbell, is an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist with a private practice in Clapham South. His clinic is near from Clapham South tube station and offers a calm, confidential space.

He is a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC), the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC). I am also a registered practitioner with three major health insurance providers.

Alexander Hegazy has a background in Psychology, with 10 years of experience working for the NHS in North London and East Sussex across varying care settings. In his current private practice, he focuses on working with adults of various ages, offering assessments and treatments for a wide spectrum of mental health challenges.

Specialised in treating anxiety and depression in adults, Alexander Hegazy focuses on a comprehensive therapeutic approach. In addition to utilising Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he includes third wave approaches such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and is well-versed as a Schema-informed therapist.

Nishita Shah

Nishita Shah is a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. She has over 10 years of experience working with adults in the field of mental health both in clinical and forensic settings, 8 years experience working for a NHS Talking Therapies service and 5 years working in private practice. She has worked with some very good psychiatrists near you and throughout London.

She is fully qualified and registered by the BABCP (British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies), as a psychotherapist and couples therapist. She has extensive experience working with adults that are experiencing depression and anxiety disorders.

Katarzyna Pachana-Pereira

Katarzyna Pachana can help you improve ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, self acceptance and general well-being.
She is an Integrative CBT psychotherapist, Trauma Informed Professional (including EMDR) and Couples Counsellor registered with NCS. She has worked with various organisations and charities and runs a successful private practice

David Kaposi

David Kaposi offers Individual therapy in institutional and private settings. He offers you once-weekly counselling and twice-weekly psychotherapy sessions.

Other than being a therapist, he also hold a PhD in psychology. He works as a Senior Lecturer at the Open University and is a member of the School of Psychology’s Psychotherapy and Counselling Research Group. He is registered with the following organisations:

  • British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)
  • Foundation for Psychology and Counselling (FPC)
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Unmatched Experience in Mental Health Matching

Seekapsych has more than 8 years of experience in hand matching clients in need of counselling and therapy in London. You can rest assured that we will do our best to find the perfect match for your mental health needs.

Screened and Selected Database of Experts

You may ask, why is life so hard? Our London-based psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are thoroughly screened to ensure that we will only be matching you with the best experts in London.

Fast Response Time

We do our best to be as responsive as possible in order to immediately address your enquiries. We know that our services are extremely time-sensitive, which is why we make sure that we can help you schedule counselling and psychotherapy sessions in London as soon as possible.

You Are Matched by Leading Mental Health Professionals

Led by a team of leading mental health professionals and psychotherapists in London, Seekapsych employs highly competent professionals that are trained in matching your needs with a suitable London based psychotherapist.


Unlike other psychotherapist finders in London, we do not charge you for using our service. We take a small commission from our London based counsellors, psychotherapists. We can also find a suitable psychiatrist near you that is effective and experienced and able to offer CBT or Psychodynamic Therapy in London.

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