ADHD Therapy with a Clinical Psychologist in London

Counselling for ADHD can be an effective way to manage everyday life for both children and adults living with the condition.

ADHD Therapy in London

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is a mental health condition commonly associated with being inattentive. ADHD has come to be defined in a larger light. Today, the condition’s definition has covered not only inattentiveness, but also difficulty in concentrating, behavioural impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Negative thoughts such as why am I such a failure or why do I hate my life can often be very prevalent due to the nature of ADHD difficulties.

There are three types of ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, or a combination of both. ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children, but there have been rising cases in adults too. Whether it’s a child or an adult, this condition can greatly impact a person’s mental health because of the difficulties it may cause. ADHD Therapy or Counselling can greatly help individuals overcome this condition. We are able to accommodate individual needs such as finding a suitable male therapist.

Symptoms and Effects of ADHD

ADHD has three types. Depending on which type of ADHD you have, you may experience various symptoms. While some symptoms are more subtle, they may still cause difficulties for an individual if left unmanaged or if experienced with anxiety or depression.

Inattentiveness is the most common symptom of ADHD, but here are other signs of ADHD in adults and children:

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning relates to the cognitive abilities important for functioning on a daily basis. These include aspects such as planning or impulse control. Sufferers of ADHD find it difficult to engage in daily activities consistently.

Most Common Aspects

Having difficulties concentrating, having a short attention span and forgetfulness are common symptoms with many sufferers of ADHD. These symptoms can create shame and guilt as undiagnosed sufferers think that they are lazy and generally less able than others

Physiological and Behavioural Effects

Constant fidgeting, excessive and fast talking, restlessness and unorganised thinking are some of the issues relating to peoples experiences of AD(H)D. These can create patterns that keep people stuck. It is therefore always helpful to find a suitable Psychiatrist in London in order to take medical considerations into account.


These symptoms can cause great mental distress and social difficulties for an individual. A common result among ADHD patients is to become overthinkers or to have low self-esteem because of these effects.
ADHD counselling and therapy are instrumental in helping patients navigate life more easily.

How Does Seekapsych Connect You With an ADHD Therapist or Counsellor in London?

Because of the variety of symptoms of the condition, there really is no standard way of successfully dealing with ADHD. That’s why it is vital to work with a clinical psychologist that specialises in treating ADHDin London that fits your specific needs. With Seekapsych, you can match a qualified mental health professional that can guide you in managing the symptoms.

Here’s how we connect you to the leading mental health experts in London:

ADHD Dignosis London

Fill up the “Connect with a Psychotherapist” Form

Our form will ask for relevant information, such as your struggles and difficulties, to help get a clearer picture of your condition. We will also note your preferences and financial circumstances so we can match you with the most suitable professional for your condition.

Seekapsych Reviews your request

Our trained mental health professionals review your submitted form and match you based on your condition, preferences, and availability.

Get Your ADHD Counselling Sessions Started

Once our mental health professionals match you with a suitable counsellor, they will contact you to schedule your first session with them.

Treatment with ADHD Therapy in London

ADHD Therapy in London lets an individual cope with the feelings that result from ADHD. This also allows a patient to freely express frustration, anger, sadness, and other emotions they experience in the presence of a trained and trustworthy professional.
An ADHD therapist will also help you build healthier coping mechanisms and responses to your condition, friends, and family. If you have been having difficulties interacting with people because of your condition, counselling and therapy can help you overcome those struggles.
Finally, ADHD Therapy or Counselling can help you build habits that will help you navigate life. This is particularly helpful if you need to take medications for ADHD. We can also help you get a private mental health assessment. With a suitable counsellor, you can learn how to incorporate these habits more naturally in your life.

Private ADHD Assessment London

Start Your Mental Health Journey With a London based Clinical Psychologist

Navigate ADHD With A Qualified Therapist and Counsellor
Living with ADHD doesn’t have to be overshadowed with difficulties and frustration. Rise above the frustration and start seeing yourself more positively.

Here at Seekapsych, we help you find a professional that can help you navigate life easier. Work with an ADHD counsellor or therapist and find safe and holistic methods to overcome your difficulties.

Although Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the main focus, London based Psychodynamic therapy is something we can offer too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seekapsych is a leading establishment that effectively connects you with trustworthy and reliable mental health experts in London. We bring commitment and expertise in our services. With over eight years of experience, our team amassed experience and expertise in what we do, ensuring that we find the most suitable mental health expert for you.

Our team matches you with a qualified ADHD therapist that can help you from our network of mental health experts in London.

We recognize that timeliness is essential when it comes to mental health which is why Seekapsych aims to give you prompt answers to your concerns and queries.

Our team is composed of mental health professionals trained to match clients with the most suitable experts from our network. Paired with experience and expertise, our mental health professionals ensure that you work with a psychiatrist, therapist, or counsellor that meets your needs.

Seekapsych only takes a small commission from our London experts instead of charging you for using our services. This eliminates any additional costs on your end.

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is now considered an outdated term. ADD symptoms have been further identified to be common symptoms of hyperactive or impulsive ADHD.

Counselling has proven to be a great treatment for ADHD as it helps individuals find ways to cope with the condition while developing healthy habits.

There are no major differences in the treatment for ADHD when it comes to counselling and therapy. The biggest difference between the two is scope and duration as therapy often has a longer and wider cover than counselling.

Counselling prices may change, depending on the expertise and specialisation of your mental health professional. This may also change depending on the frequency, duration, and tackled issues for the treatment.

Yes. All counselling sessions will remain private and confidential with your ADHD therapist.

The issues covered may change depending on your level of comfort, your mental health professional’s expertise, and the agreed upon scope in your conversation with your therapist or counsellor.

No. Seekapsych only connects you with an ADHD professional, but will not be providing therapy or counselling sessions.