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Bereavement Counselling London

Bereavement Counselling is needed when a person is suffering from Grief and sadness, which everyone experiences after the death of a loved one. It is the state of mind, a mourning period after the death of a very close one like a parent, child, spouse, or any loved one. Everyone experiences grief differently. There is no prescribed way to express Grief and no right and wrong way to express grief. 

 People feel differently and experience emotions and intense pain, and it is hard for them to live a normal life. Everyone reacts differently to a loss, and they receive a loss and Grief at their own pace. It is quite normal to feel distressed, confused, angry, sad and lonely. In this regard, a normal question that arises in any mind is, “Why do I need therapy for my grieving ?” 

Bereaved people find no one around them to share their feelings and experiences. They need people who can listen to their grievances without judging them. Therapists can help them by listening to their sad feelings and emotions and normalizing their feelings. Bereavement counsellors are trained professionals who know how to deal with such emotions and to provide support to such people.

People feel intense pain and grief when they lose their loved ones and near relatives such as parents, siblings, pets, or spouses. The death of near relatives is shocking and painful, and support is required to overcome the painful experience. In such a state of Grief, when someone is helpless and clueless, a Bereavement counsellor is the right person to consult. 

There are 5 stages of Greif. It is crucial to identify the stage of Grief for the correct treatment and guidance. All cases are different for everyone, and everyone responds to Grief differently. 

The stages of Grief differ from individual to individual. 

bereavement counselling
  • Denial and Disbelief 

It is the initial stage where a person is not ready to accept the fact and is in denial. He is unable to believe his Loss. In this stage, people mostly feel numb. 

  • Blame, Anger

Individuals feel angry, and they blame themselves or others for the Loss. 

state of grief
  • Bargaining

This state is found mostly in religious people as they tend to make sacrifices and bargain the Loss.

  • Depressing Mood

It is common and crucial common in people who are grieving loved ones. Most of the time, such people are not ready to seek help from others. 

  • Acceptance 

It is the last stage in which people finally accept their Loss. They are ready to move forward and carry on with their lives. 


This Counselling helps people to share their feelings and emotions and openly talk about how they are feeling. It helps to reveal their inner feelings without fear of being judged by someone. People can talk about their struggle to live without their loved ones, and their underlying anger and sadness can be talked about.

It further helps them to know about their feelings, and eventually, they can figure out how to move on with their loved ones not around them.

  • It  helps and provides a supportive judgemental space for people. 
  • It allows them to talk about their inner feelings and clear their state of confusion.
  • Counselling helps to normalise Grief.
  • It is a confidential space for the person who is grieving and helps to make sense of the things happening around him. 
  • It leads to discussing and applying coping strategies. Eventually, people enter the stage of acceptance and resume their normal lives.  

The counseling depends upon the person who needs help, and most therapists apply therapies according to the stage and severity of the case. The tailor-made therapies and treatments are applied to the case, considering the level of need. T

he mixture of therapies could also apply depending on the nature of Grief. The therapies include

Bereavement and Grief are natural emotions that everybody experiences. Grief is a unique experience for everyone. Some hold on to their emotions for a longer period and tend to blame themselves. They develop underlying feelings such as anger and blame. This state of mind needs help as bereaved people are unable to move on in their lives and tend to feel negative.

Bereavement counseling is a process through which bereaved people are provided help through discussions and the application of therapies. Therapists recommend treatment and therapies by considering the condition of the patient. 

There is support for Bereavement Counselling in London by following Organisations

  • NHS provides guidance and support for the people suffering from Bereavement/Grief.
  • For Children suffering fro Grief and Bereavement there is an organisation that provides support for these children known as Childhood Bereavement Network offers advice and support.
  • is a site that provides all the helpful information and support for the people who are suffering from trauma of someone’s death and for people who are going through illness and they might need support later on. All the information related to death of someone close such funeral process, legal advice, support groups and relevant discussion groups is available on the site.
  • In order to consult a therapist you can call Seekapscyh now to book therapy sessions.