Why Evolutionary Psychology matters
Dec 06, 2021

Evolutionary Psychology (EP) is a more recent discipline within the field of Psychology and investigates how the processes of evolution

Low Self-Esteem and Anxiety
Nov 22, 2021

What do low self-esteem and anxiety have in common? People suffering from low self-esteem often overestimate challenges whilst underestimating their

Aspects of OCD
Nov 15, 2021

Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is something that many people suffer from. Sufferers of OCD experience intrusive thoughts that motivate

Difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist
Aug 23, 2021

Mental Health professionals come with many titles which can be confusing. Especially if many offer converging treatments. So what do

Location or Skill?

Finding a suitable psychotherapist or psychologist in London can be a challenge. Not only do they need to be skilled

Friendships after the Pandemic
Apr 27, 2021

Reentering social life after the pandemic will be a challenge for many people. Living in isolation causes a more threatening