Depression Therapy in London

Make managing depression easier with a trusted psychologist near you. Seekapsych helps you start depression counselling in London with our services.

Depression Counselling

What is Depression?

Depression is a common mental health problem that affects many individuals all over the world. It is often characterised as feeling down or having low energy, negative thoughts such as “hate my life” or “what’s the point of ife” but it is actually very complex and difficult to deal with. Because of how depression manifests, many people can actually go on living without being diagnosed or treated for the condition.

Anybody can experience depression. It can be caused by a variety of reasons and can be triggered by a multitude of situations that can make functioning daily difficult. One of the best ways to deal with it is through the help of depression therapy supervised by trustworthy and qualified psychologists near you.

Common Symptoms and Effects of Depression

Lingering low mood and hopelessness

A major hallmark of depression is a persistent low mood. This can make it hard to see the world from a helpful lense. Low mood also makes us act in a way that reinforces the low mood.

Lost of interest and motivation

When people are depressed they are more likely to engage in helpful daily activities that relate to confronting life. People are motivated to pursue avoidant activity and depression counselling can help address this.

Changes in sleeping and eating patterns

Depression can make people have unhealthy sleeping patterns. They will often avoid eating a healthy diet whilst having sleeping patterns that make it harder to engage in daily activities because of too much or too little sleep at the wrong times.

Irritability and uncontrolled emotions

The constant inner tension that some experience when depressed can lead to concentrations of emotional expression. These can be anger outbursts, bursts of crying etc.

Cognitive Changes

Depressed individuals often have a skewed and negative view of their present life, their future and their past. Depression counselling in London can help address the cognitive changes involved with depression.

Wrong type of life lived

Severe and long standing depression can make individuals live lifes that don’t resemble their inherent being and represents more of a facsimile of an imagined self.

Start Depression Therapy and Counselling with Seekapsych

Seekapsych recognises the importance of good mental health for a well-balanced life. Finding a skilled professional that specialises in counselling and therapy for depression greatly improves your quality of life. That is why we are committed to matching you with the best psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and counsellors to help you overcome depression. We can also match you with a suitable psychiatrist in London.
Here’s how Seekapsych matches you with a qualified mental health professional:

Depression Therapy

Fill Up the “Connect With A Psychotherapist” Form

Our “Connect With A Psychotherapist” form will take in basic information, including your contact number, and a brief description of your difficulties to give our professionals a clearer understanding of your condition.

Seekapsych Review

Our trained mental health professionals will then review your form in a timely manner. Based on our review, we will then match you with the appropriate psychotherapists or counsellors in London.

Start Your Sessions With A Suitable Counsellor for Depression in London

Once we’ve matched you with a suitable professional, they will reach out to you via the contact number you provided. From there, you may schedule your first appointment with them.

How Can Counselling For Depression Help Your Mental Health?

One of the most common ways to manage depression is through counselling and therapy. Both are safe and confidential methods to help you process your feelings and situation. With the help of trained professionals, you will also be able to develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms for your triggers. When you undergo depression counselling with a London-based professional, you are given a safe and accessible space to talk about your feelings, emotions, processes, and challenges with depression. Your counsellor can help you express your emotions openly and safely, process past or present issues, develop healthier habits and relationships for your well-being. We can also provide you with a private mental health assessment.

Counselling Sessions

Find a Suitable Depression Counselling Professional in London with Seekapsych

Working with a compatible mental health professional is vital to manage your depression and other mental health concerns. Whether you’re hoping to manage your symptoms, understand your triggers, or simply express your emotions and concerns, the right counselling professional for depression can guide you through your journey. With Seekapsych, you can easily find a London-based counsellor who matches your needs and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depression therapy and counselling is very helpful in managing symptoms and provides a safe space for individuals to explore their emotions and feelings.

Depression counselling costs vary, depending on your mental health professional’s expertise and specialisation. It may also vary depending on frequency, duration, and the issues or treatment needed.

You may opt to have a specific issue discussed or go for a more holistic approach in your sessions. This will all depend on you and your mental health professional’s conversations.

Therapy and counselling are both commonly known as talk therapies. Aside from the duration, the range of issues covered may differ depending on your situation.

Yes. Counselling sessions will remain confidential between you and your counsellor only.

No. Seekapsych does not provide therapy or counselling sessions. We simply match you with a suitable mental health professional.