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Family Couselling

What Is Family Therapy and Counselling Through a Private Mental Health Assessment?

Family counselling is a type of therapy conducted to help families deal with conflicts, communication problems, and important issues that are typically not being discussed but are putting a strain on the dynamics of a family unit. Family counselling delves into a family’s communication habits, recent events that might have affected their relationships, or other difficulties that may be driving a wedge between family members.

With an experienced family therapist and counsellor, families are given the opportunity to express themselves openly on how they feel about their conflicts, as well as learn relevant concepts and techniques that may assist them in improving their relationship. If you think that family counselling can help your family members both emotionally and psychologically, schedule a session with Seekapsych today.

What Issues Can Family Counselling Help Resolve?

Find how a private psychologist can help you.

Coping with a family member’s mental or physical illness

Oftentimes when a family member is afflicted with a mental or physical illness, the pressure and difficulty in coping is felt within the whole family. Learn ways to support family members through family counselling with a private psychologist in London.

Addiction in the family

Addiction in the family may breed conflict and contempt, especially directed towards the member who is suffering from the illness. Through family counselling, family members are equipped with enough background and coping techniques that can give them the ability to provide support to whomever is suffering

Loss of a close family member

Loss and grief are two of the most common situations that can alter a family’s dynamics and relationships. After the loss of a family member, family counselling can help you better process your emotions and provide support to your own family through this difficult time in your lives.

How Will We Schedule a Family Counselling with a Private Psychologist for You?

Family Sessions

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Let Seekapsych Help You Secure a Family Counselling-Specialised Therapist

Seekapsych aims to provide individuals and families with an efficient matching service so that you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable family counselling therapist. With our wide database of accredited and professional psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, we’ll be able to match you with the expert who can help your family move forward.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have matched thousands of patients and families and supported them on their journey to improving their emotional and psychological well-being, whilst treating disorders and illnesses that they may have been suffering from.

Family Counselling

Improve Your Family’s Well-Being With Seekapsych

While therapy is often used to resolve personal issues and conflicts, family therapy can help provide support for all your family members during times of conflict and uncertainty. Let us help your family build better ties and deepen your connection with each other with effective family counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family counselling can help by providing family members with a safe and private platform where they can talk about their issues and conflicts with one another, whilst learning possible solutions and techniques to directly address their difficulties.

In some cases, family counselling sessions may foster volatile environments, especially if members are afflicted with certain psychological and emotional disorders. In these cases, individual therapies are sometimes recommended by counsellors in order to avoid any negative experiences.

After you schedule family counselling through Seekapsych, your counsellor may request a series of individual sessions where he or she is going to conduct initial one-to-one meetings so that he or she gets an insight into the emotional and psychological state of every family member.

Family counselling is done by accredited professionals, specifically licensed therapists and counsellors who have a specialization in family-focused therapy. At Seekapsych, we can assure you that we only match families with professionals who work to the highest standard.

As long as the family members agree that everything that is being said within the privacy of the counselling room will not be taken against them, family counselling wouldn’t make a family’s dynamics worse. When it comes to family counselling, trust and empathy should take the foreground to ensure that everyone can be heard without the fear of embarrassment or holding of grudges.

Any type of family can benefit from family counselling, from immediate families, blended families, and stepfamilies.

Family counselling sessions are typically done together, where family members get to discuss their own feelings and emotions in a safe environment. In some instances, individual interviews may be conducted to assist the counsellor in better understanding how to deal with the family’s conflicts.

The goal of family counselling is to help families deal with conflicts, issues, and problems that may be negatively affecting their lives. In some cases, family counselling may also be used to help families establish better communication habits and improve their relationships.