Friendships after the Pandemic

Reentering social life after the pandemic will be a challenge for many people. Living in isolation causes a more threatening outlook in life which makes many people worry about meeting old friends. Because of this people will often try to make a very good impression and will focus on avoiding any mistakes. This can cause people to only talk about boring subjects or put on too much of an act. Many will also feel like they stand out and are different in a negative way compared to those around them. Many therefore will experience a heightened self-focus which makes them not appraise things helpfully. Their own actions will be magnified and the behaviour of those around them gets misinterpreted and not fully understood.

It always helps to understand that socialising isn’t a problem to be solved. Focusing on your surroundings with strong intent, dropping all behaviours that a borne out of alleviating anxiety and focusing on being present with those around you can be great first steps.

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