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What Is Personal Counselling and How Does It Work?

Also known as psychotherapy, personal counselling works through direct communication between an individual and a professional mental health provider. With personal counselling services, you can learn useful techniques to overcome obstacles in your daily life or better understand your habits, behavioural patterns, and reactions to certain events or situations.

If you think that you might need some help or support to lead you to a better quality of life and mindset, personal counselling with an accredited therapist can help steer you in the right direction. In addition, individual therapy also gives you a safe and secure space where you can express yourself freely without the fear of judgment or embarrassment. With Seek a Psych, we can ensure that you are paired with a mental health provider who can foster a trusting environment for you.

What Can Personal Counselling Help With?

Personal counselling or individual therapy targets a variety of conflicts and psychological and emotional disorders that may have arisen at some point in your life. Whether it’s for anxiety disorders or depression counselling in London. We can help you you overcome whatever you’re suffering from.


Considered a serious medical illness, depression alters how a person feels and acts. Characterized by the ever-present feeling of deep sadness and loss of interest, depression can negatively impact your quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

Anxiety Disorders

Described as the feeling of overwhelming fear and worry when exposed to external factors, anxiety can negatively impact how a person interacts and functions in daily life. Anxiety disorders are often observable through physical manifestations, such as numbness, shortness of breath and hot flushes.

Grief and Loss

At some point in your life, you will experience grief or loss, whether through a separation or death of a loved one. Unfortunately, grief and loss may trigger a variety of psychological disorders, such as depression.


Stress refers to a feeling of psychological pain, which may negatively impact your physical, emotional, and psychological position. Some of the most common sources of stress include constant pressure, career, and instances of uncertainty in life.


Trauma often afflicts people who have undergone terrible, scarring situations, including life-altering accidents, abuse, and disasters. Patients who suffer from trauma suffer from flashbacks, volatile emotions, and strained connections with other people.


Addiction may refer to two types: chemical and behavioural. Chemical addiction applies to alcohol, opioids, and other addictive substances, while behavioural addiction applies to damaging habits, such as shopping addictions, food addictions, and sex addiction.


ADHD is often diagnosed in children and is typically characterized by attention difficulties, which may negatively impact their school life, home life, and interpersonal relationships.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem issues arise from a variety of factors, from mood disorders, abuse, and bad influences. Low self-esteem may affect how a person interacts and communicates with other people, which may negatively impact their quality of life.

How Does Engaging in Personal Counselling Work With Seekapsych?

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By clicking on the “Connect With a Psychotherapist” button, you’ll be redirected to a contact form page, requiring your name, email address, and some initial details describing your current difficulties.

We will match you with a compatible therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist

After submitting the form, a qualified mental health professional will look to match you with someone suitable for personal therapy in London.

Anonymity and security are important when engaging in Personal Counselling

We only collect minimal details and delete them after a therapist has been in touch with you. Your inquiries are fully encrypted.

Why Should You Choose Seekapsych for Personal Counselling in London?

Seekapsych boasts an unrivalled experience in matching patients with the best psychotherapists for their needs. Each psychotherapist employs different approaches to therapy, and we’ll ensure that you get matched with an expert that is well-versed in meeting your needs and expectations.

In addition, our roster of psychotherapists and mental health providers are thoroughly screened for their educational backgrounds and accreditations. As therapy is an unregulated industry, screening is crucial to narrow down the list of practising therapists in London, who can offer you only the best personal counselling services in London. We will ensure that you get the best and most efficient personal counselling services there are.

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Avoid the stress of poring over hundreds of psychotherapists and mental health experts just to find someone unsuitable who can’t cater to your needs. With Seekapsych, we’ll match you with a suitable psychotherapist as fast as we can, so you can successfully start your therapy journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal counselling services are good for people who are experiencing some difficulties in their lives or are suffering from psychological and mental health-related conflicts. Useful for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and psychological disorders, or just people who want emotional support, personal counselling services can help in many ways.

Personal counselling helps by providing individuals with a safe space where they can talk about their issues without the fear of judgment or embarrassment. With a therapist, people can seek help about their behavioural issues and conflicts that they may be suffering from and can be assisted in resolving these.

Individual therapy sessions vary in cost, with therapists charging according to their experience, credentials, location, and specialization. Fortunately, personal counselling services may be covered by your health insurance. Fill up our contact form with your insurance details if helpful and we’ll find the most suitable psychotherapist in your area.

Personal counselling services work through a one-on-one interaction with a psychotherapist or a counsellor. In most cases, therapy sessions work by talking about your emotions, memories, and behavioural patterns to help you understand yourself better.

You can easily schedule an individual therapy session in London through Seekapsych. Just fill in our “Connect with a psychotherapist” form and let us know about your difficulties. We’ll find the best psychotherapist according to your needs.

Individual therapy can help resolve a plethora of disorders and difficulties that people may be suffering from, including grief, anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance abuse.

Yes. Scientific studies have shown that individual therapy sessions can help improve the symptoms of depression and other psychological disorders.

Yes. Individual therapy is an effective way to treat psychological problems, as well as to provide support for people who are going through challenging life situations.