When searching for the best therapists in London it can be overwhelming to discover the amount of psychologists, therapists and counsellors available. As the therapy market is unregulated in the UK, it is very difficult to know who to choose from. It is entirely possible that many mental health professionals that offer talking therapies will have no training and focus on offering therapies they are not able to effectively deliver. We have heard from patients who through their quest to find a therapist in London, have been mislead into paying money into organisations that offer cult like environments. These environments are often led by individuals that offer “therapies” that are devised by themselves and can in many circumstances have a detrimental effect.

When a client is suffering from a severe mental illness like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), an effective and matching treatment provider is of extreme importance. The detriment an unqualified and self proclaimed professional may cause can often not be understated.

Does this mean that the private psychotherapy market in London is broken?

Not at all. The downside of the state leaving regulation to private industry may be the above, but the upside is that many therapists in London offer an excellent treatment range. A private psychotherapist is not bound by institutional dogma and can often provide treatment quicker and more effectively than many state led organisations. If a client does not have to wait a year for their first appointment they are far more likely to engage in therapy. Also, if a client’s mental health problems are partially driven my other medical conditions, then it is far easier to receive medical consultation from a medical professional operating privately.

Knowing where the best therapists in London operate compared to those that are unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to a given problem or client is something most individuals will not be able to achieve, if they don’t have much knowledge of the industry. This is why many private companies have started offering databases that prospective clients can browse through. The good thing about this approach is that many of these companies filter out unqualified therapists. The problem that remains however is really knowing who is qualified to treat a given presentation and who isn’t. In addition many clients seek therapy in London without really knowing what their difficulties are. They may be able to experience distress but don’t know what it relates to or even how it is expressed.

These problems can be mitigated by using a therapist matching service. If professionals knowledgeable of the industry can identify a client’s complaints correctly, they will be able to then make use of their knowledge of suitable mental health professionals and therefore make it more likely that client’s will be linked with a suitable person. As our matching service exclusively lists private psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists in London (many of them do work with insurers), it is also far more likely that they will be linked with a professional within a quick time frame. If you are interested in finding a suitable mental health professional, please let us know and we can connect you with a suitable person in London.