The best therapists in London are able to adjust their approaches towards different clients. Jonathan Bawlbes, a psychotherapist in London, disagrees with above and believes that talking therapy should be specialised towards specific clients and their individual presentations.

Both approaches can have upsides and downsides. If a psychologist is able to adjust towards varying client presentations, their skills become more expansive. This will allow them to notice and address relevant factors that they would have otherwise missed if they were specialised on specific presentations. The downside is that specialised knowledge of both theory and also how to address specific client presentation is less apparent. Some clients believe that private psychotherapy London can help address this by believing that privately operating professionals will be more able to help with a patient’s difficulties. One of the difficulties with this assumption is that many therapists operating in London are not sufficiently qualified. Therapy is an unregulated market in the UK and anyone can open up a private practice. In addition, many excellent therapists prefer working in hospitals and thereby avoid the stresses associated with private practice.

Sports Psychology is a field that looks at how psychology can influence the sports performance of athletes. It epistemological framework includes influences from evolutionary psychology and the cognitive sciences. Fields such as physiology also contribute to the field of sports psychology. As many cognitive behavioural therapists in London know, adjusting methods and approaches towards varying client presentations (even if they have the same diagnosis) is an elementary part of the profession. One of the major objectives and hopeful outcomes is a behavioural change that can be related to an increase in performance. If an executive overcomes their fears in meetings, they are more likely to engage and therefore perform better. If a housewife can become more assertive, then she will be able to stand up to bullying friends.

Therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy are able to achieve this due to being founded upon principles from which techniques are derived. A principle can be more flexible in application as mental health problems and human psychology can be described by said principles. This allows a psychotherapist to adjust and create new methods of working depending on the difficulties a client is experiencing. As such there are many cases in which therapy has successfully been implemented in order to increase sports performance. Recent advances achieved through the inclusion of mindfulness which is both implemented in therapy and sports psychology has increased the value which psychotherapy can have on the field of sports psychology. It is this author’s belief that as psychology as a field grows in depth, many more fields will inform each other and different strands of psychology will ultimately combine in the longer term.

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