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PSTD and Trauma

What is Trauma and PTSD?

Trauma is the result of experiencing emotionally or psychologically distressing events. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a psychological condition that results from the delay or arrest of the recovery process after experiencing trauma. Both can present severe symptoms which may hinder individuals from fully experiencing their lives.

Both trauma and PTSD are often treated with counselling and psychotherapy. There are a range of methods and approaches that therapists and counsellors can use for each case. That’s why Seekapsych helps you find the most appropriate trauma and PTSD counselling services in London.

Common Symptoms and Effects of Trauma and PTSD

Since PTSD stems from unprocessed trauma, most of the symptoms between the two manifest similarly. While these symptoms may appear differently for each individual, these symptoms will usually revolve around the person’s trigger points. Because of the severity of some symptoms, working with a suitable therapist for trauma and PTSD is vital to one’s well-being.
If you suspect that you or someone you know is experiencing trauma or PTSD, then it’s best to watch out for these symptoms:


Sufferers of PTSD and trauma are more likely to suffer from depression. Severe trauma sufferers develop a far more threatening outlook of the world and find it difficult to be able to connect with others. This is something that a skilled therapist for ptsd needs to be aware of.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety often accompanies trauma which can lead people to try to control many elements within their environment through controlling elements within their environment of through avoidance. These elements need to be addressed during ptsd counselling.

Intrusive experiences

Many therapists in London that offer trauma counselling report that sufferers experience intrusive thoughts, emotions etc. that either randomly pop up or by being triggered through an external stimulus. This can make sufferers believe that they are loosing control.


Always feeling on edge can create a more threatening outlook of the world and on life in general. Constant tension can make it hard to relax and be able to connect with other people in general.


Many sufferers avoid triggering situations or life’s challenges in general. They are therefore less likely to access trauma counselling in London despite the benefit speaking with an expert would confer.


Addiction and other means that provide strong short term gratification can appear as viable tools in order to escape a sufferer’s perceived reality.


PTSD and trauma sufferers in general can find solace by doing the same things the same way every day. This can lead to a rigidity and a more limiting life.

How Does Seekapsych Match You with an Appropriate Counsellor or Therapist?

Seekaspsych recognises that each individual will have unique needs for their mental health problems. As such, each person needs to work with a professional that meets these needs. Treatment for trauma and PTSD can vary greatly based on symptoms and other underlying conditions, which is why it’s important to match with your counsellor or therapist.
Here’s how we find the most suitable expert for your mental health needs:

Trauma Counselling

Fill out the “Connect with a Psychotherapist” Form

Seekapsych collects relevant data, such as your contact details, budget, and a brief description of your condition in order to help us find the most appropriate counsellor or therapist for you.

Seekapsych Review

Our trained mental health professionals will review your answers, taking note of any important points or preferences you raised. From there, we will match you with a qualified trauma and PTSD counselling professional in London.

Start Your Counselling Sessions for PTSD

Once we’ve matched you with a qualified professional, they will reach out to you to schedule your first session with them.

Treating Trauma and PTSD with Therapy and Counselling

Many patients undergo therapy and counselling for trauma and PTSD. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released guidelines on effective counselling methods. These include Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
Trauma counselling generally aims to help individuals cope healthily through their symptoms. This means that your counsellor will help you process your trauma while finding outlets for your emotions and behaviours. This may also mean openly talking about your experience in a safe and confidential space.
PTSD counselling helps individuals work through their trauma safely and confidentially. A counsellor will provide a safe space for individuals to voice out fears and feelings, as well as provide suggestions on how they can manage recurring symptoms. Over time, PTSD counselling and therapy should help people process their triggers and lessen the severity of their symptoms.

Connect with The Best Trauma and PTSD Counselling in London

Trauma and PTSD can be difficult and treating it will greatly vary because of the variety of its symptoms and manifestations. Working with a counsellor or therapist for trauma and PTSD requires that they understand your needs and condition fully in order to ensure your wellbeing. Find the most suitable counselling program in London with Seekapsych and start your journey for mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma is a response to a psychologically or emotionally distressing experience. PTSD, on the other hand, is the result of being unable to process this trauma. While both are highly interrelated, experiencing trauma does not necessarily mean having PTSD. It should be noted, however, that symptoms for both conditions are quite similar as are their treatments.

Costs for counselling may vary based on the severity of one’s condition, as well as the expertise and specialisation of your mental health expert.

Both trauma and PTSD have a wide range of issues that your counsellor may need to cover. The scope and duration will vary depending on what you are comfortable with, your mental health’s professional assessment and expertise, as well as the conversation between you two.

Counselling is a safe and effective treatment for both trauma and PTSD. It provides a safe space for individuals to process their experience and develop mechanisms and habits that can help them move forward.

Yes. All sessions will remain private between you and your therapist only.

No. Seekapsych does not schedule, nor provide, trauma and PTSD counselling sessions. We will match you with a qualified and compatible professional and they will reach out to you for your sessions.