Stories about therapy in London

There are many aspects to psychotherapy that can create interesting stories. The sheer depth of variation when it comes to potential clients and their respective therapists often creates unique dynamics that are worth exploring. Many of the best therapists in London are able to not only encounter varied situations with clients, but will also be able to share some interesting encounters.

What Do Experts Say

Peter Klein who is a cognitive behavioural therapist based in London, notes how his practice has increasingly come across male clients who have fallen victim to false accusations of harassment in their work places. The procedures resulting from inevitable enquiries within their workplace can create intense amounts of distress, as the consequences of these accusations often range from reputational loss, all the way to a dismissal from their workplace. It is also likely that victimised men don’t share their suffering with others and are left alone to stew about their problems. In addition, many counselling services in London are not equipped to handle such cases.

It can help to understand commonalities such clients may present with (as there can be variation!). Klein explained that affected patients are often conflict avoidant and self sacrificing. They are also far more likely to have a self critical and overly self examining lense from which they view reality. These tendencies make it far more likely that someone becomes a victim of abuse, as abusers themselves often present with opposing tendencies. These include the inclinations to criticise and overly note other people’s weaknesses whilst being quick to attack others without questioning their own wrongdoings.

Klein highlights how understanding the behaviours victimised patients present with and how they may relate to above themes, can provide a foundation for change. This can be achieved through many methods that include a strong focus on changing behaviours, as this can impact who people are and who they may become.

What is Available

Psychotherapy in London is a vast field with many different styles. It is often the case that patients will choose a mental health professional that they can “click” with. This is one of the reasons therapists can encounter similar presentations. These presentations may influence the learning and methods a psychologist may encounter in the future, as therapists can be encouraged to grow in a direction that the presentation of a client relates to.

It is worth noting that problems that are driven by the COVID pandemic have been on a massive rise. Affected people have developed a tendency to veer off into extremes such as extreme avoidance by only working from home or by controlling many aspects of their environment such through excessive cleaning or through the purchase of most items through the internet. Such behaviours can make people depressed and anxious. Luckily these problems are straight forward to address which can be achieved through finding suitable private psychotherapy in London. Many therapists work with private insurers and some good ones charge relatively low fees. We can help find someone suitable for you if you want to avoid the hassle of sifting through endless user profiles. Click here to be matched with a suitable London based psychotherapist.