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Seeing through the confusion

It can be hard to know which kind of therapy in London would be most effective for your needs and what you can expect from therapy in general.

Some people want to explore their problems by talking about them, some people want to learn methods of understanding and lessening difficulties such as anxiety, whilst others want to improve the relationship with their partner. These are some of the reasons why people engage in therapy and having a brief understanding of what you can expect from the most common forms of psychotherapy can be helpful.

There are also many other therapies in London aside from those listed below and we can help you find a suitable therapist in London.

Common styles of therapy in London

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Systemic Therapies / Interpersonal Therapies

These forms of psychotherapy look at how structures of two or more people can cause distress and what can be done about it. Systemic- and interpersonal therapies are usually aimed at couples and families and require all relevant members to be present.

Psychoanalytic Therapies London

Psychoanalytic Therapies

Forms of therapy that look at the motivations for behaviour, thoughts and distress by analysing things such as the subconscious and how proposed experiences in childhood affect mental wellbeing.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

Forms of psychotherapy which try to understand how behaviours and thoughts influence the maintenance and development of problems. Techniques and methods for clients to learn and practice are then derived from that understanding in order to implement helpful change.