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Therapy London

Working with therapists in London can be a challenge because one has to open up about their problems. Problems can be difficult to talk about because one has to function and many associate vulnerability with opening up. In the countryside there are less people that engage with and offer therapy. Therefore managing this can be a big challenge. Sometimes village life can be an advantage if one is more connected with the local community. This is because a sense of connection with others has shown to mitigate many mental health problems.Village life often reinforces connection because survival is more difficult and people are therefore forced to rely on each other. In addition, since less people live in a village compared to a city, it is easier to notice and thereby relate to each other.


Having Psychotherapy near you is an important element when one loses connection even in a village. As being an outsider in a village comes at a far greater cost compared to being an outsider in the city. People in the city tend to be more anonymous and the sheer scale of a city allows individuals to find their “tribe“.  It is easy to survive in a flat alone with a supermarket close by since most people then substitute a lack of connection through performance. As the dopamine hits with pursuing tasks can provide a short term fix for low mood. This allows people to live alone for their whole life whilst constantly battling the sense of despair and misery that they will be experiencing.

London Psychotherapy services understand this and especially modern forms of psychotherapy such as compassion focused therapy focus on helping people organise their lives in a more helpful way. The best way to do this is to search for psychotherapy in London in order to find someone suitable to help you address those problems since many therapists purport to be experts but do lack the training and qualifications in order to offer any kind of mental health support. In fact, some input can be harmful as it can make people worse off due to bad advice.

Whom to turn to

There are accrediting organisations out there that can connect you with the best therapists in London. These organisations require high standards from mental health care professionals such as psychotherapists, psychologists or psychiatrists in London. One then needs to find a therapist one can jive with and who understands the difficulties a sufferer is having. As a service we are experienced in matching people with suitable remote based therapy and also face to face mental health support. If you let us know what you needs are we will be able to match you with someone suitable free of charge. John Stewart, a therapist London, is experienced in seeing many sufferers and also says that it can be helpful with being somewhat cautious, if not choosy, when searching for a professional. Even if it does appear scary, let us know what your needs are and we can match you with a suitable psychotherapist in London.