Finding a psychotherapist in London can be very difficult. The market is unregulated and therefore awash with unqualified or in some instances, professionals that do more harm than good.

The first step is to make sure that a psychotherapist is accredited by a major governing body such as the BABCP, BPS, BACP or UKCP. These bodies have minimum criteria which therapists need to meet.

The next step is to research how a psychotherapist works. Some prefer to focus on one or two styles of therapy whilst others like to mix in a few styles. The former can be best if the therapist’s style is compatible with your problem but also the worst if it isn’t.

Progressing to booking an appointment should be clear and during the first session, it is important to see how you connect and interpret the therapy. There is no harm in taking your time during your search and to end the therapy after a few sessions if it isn’t working out. After all, there are many psychotherapists around and we can help you find the best psychotherapists in London.

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