Addiction Counselling in a Private Therapy Clinic

Effective Addiction Counselling in a London Based Private Therapy Clinic

What is Addiction?

Addiction is characterised by compulsive and repetitive harmful behaviour. While commonly associated with substance use, addiction can actually manifest even in mundane activities. It is highly complex and will almost always cause harmful consequences if left untreated.

In many cases, individuals may be unaware or in denial of their addictions. Processing addiction can be difficult in such cases and will require time and professional help. This is why addiction counselling is a vital part of managing the condition. In order to address addiction, it does help to address surrounding concerns such as finding suitable anxiety therapy near you.

Signs and Effects of Addiction

Addiction can range from drug use to repetitive destructive relationships. As such, it can be quite difficult to recognise addiction at its early stages. Addiction will often have emotional, behavioural, and physical effects on an individual.

Common Symptoms

Weight loss or gain, Disrupted sleeping and/or eating patterns, Self-induced isolation, Irritability and defensiveness, Loss of control and increasing dependence on substances or behaviours.

Habit & Addiction

It can be quite common to tell habit and addiction apart. The main difference lies in the impact that such behaviours have on your life. After all, addictions are habits that have blown out of control. While habits need not cause alarm, addictions have negative effects on an individual, be it physical, emotional, or psychological.

Anxiety about Anxiety

Sufferers often tend to worry about their anxieties that are experienced with their panic attacks. This can make sufferers hypervigilant towards their own physiological symptoms which can act as triggers in themselves. A good psychologist in London will be able to help you by connecting with us.

Other Difficulties

Sufferers of panic disorder will often suffer from other problems such as fear of public spaces, social anxiety or low self-esteem in general. Knowing how to treat both will require an experienced private psychologist.

How Does Seekapsych find you a suitable mental health professional?

Counselling is essential to help individuals end their unhealthy addictions. Whether it be smoking, sex, or drug addiction, addiction counselling is a powerful treatment. As such, it is vital that you work with a qualified and compatible counsellor to guide you through the process.
Here’s how Seekapsych finds the most suitable expert for your mental health needs:

Fill out the “Connect with a Psychotherapist” Form

Seekapsych will ask you a few questions regarding your condition. This includes important information such as symptoms, medications, and the struggles you face. This data is kept confidential and will only be used to help our team find the most suitable match for your addiction counselling needs.

Seekapsych receives your request

Our team of mental health professionals will review your submitted form, taking note of important details and preferences. From there, Seekapsych will match you with the most suitable addiction counselling services in London.

Start Your Addiction Counselling Sessions

Once we’ve matched you with a qualified therapist in London or remote based, they will contact you via phone or e-mail. You can then decide when your first session will be and begin your treatment.

Why Choose Seekapsych?

Addiction counselling can be difficult, especially if the patient and the counsellor don’t match.
That’s why it is vital to work with a mental health professional who can appropriately respond to your needs.
Here at Seekapsych, we’ll find the best expert in London for you.

Wide Network of Screened and Qualified Mental Health Experts

Our network of mental health professionals are meticulously screened to ensure that they can provide the counselling and therapy you need. From this network, our team matches you with a qualified addiction counselling expert that can help you as needed.

Professional Mental Health Matches

We recognize just how important working with the appropriate counsellor is. That’s why our team is made up of mental health professionals who are trained in matching clients with suitable psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and counsellors.

Fast Response Time

Seekapsych recognizes just how important a prompt response is when it comes to mental health matters. Our team aims to respond in a fast and timely manner whenever you connect with us.

Cost Effective

Seekapsych recognizes just how important a prompt response is when it comes to mental health matters. Our team aims to respond in a fast and timely manner whenever you connect with us.

Addiction Counselling at a private therapy clinic

Counselling can be a huge step for individuals with addiction. Undergoing addiction counselling provides a safe space and a reliable support system for them. It also allows them to further understand their behaviours and to find ways to slowly and safely adjust relevant aspects within their lives.

Addiction counselling aims to further understand your triggers and the underlying cause of your addiction. This means being able to freely open up about your experience with addiction with a qualified professional. From there, your counsellor will try to help you move forward, heal relationships, and overcome your condition with safe and effective coping mechanisms.

Overcome Addiction and Start Your Journey to Mental Health

Addiction is often a huge challenge for both the individuals and the mental health professionals. Seekapsych aims to lessen the burden by matching clients with the most appropriate addiction counsellor in London.

Addiction can be extremely difficult to deal with. Overcoming it is almost impossible without professional help and a safe space. Whether you’re facing substance addiction, behavioural addiction, or something else, Seekapsych will do its best find the best addiction counselling professional in London for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction counselling can be a highly effective treatment. It helps individuals develop safer habits and coping mechanisms.

Counselling costs will vary from case to case. Your mental health professionals’ specialisation, experience, and expertise will contribute to the pricing, as well as the frequency and duration of your sessions.

Addiction counselling will specifically target your behaviour and cause of your addiction.

Therapy and counselling are both talk therapies. However, the difference lies in duration and scope. Therapy is usually a long-term treatment and covers a larger scope than counselling.

Yes. All addiction counselling sessions are private and confidential between your counsellor and you.

No. Seekapsych does not provide any form of therapy or counselling to its clients. We simply match you with an appropriate mental health professional.