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With Online Counselling in London, you can schedule telephone therapy sessions with a psychologist online and achieve same benefits as face-to-face therapy.

Online Counselling Sessions

Talking to a psychologist online can be as Effective as Face-to-Face Therapy

With recent shifts in society incurred due to the pandemic, many people are opting to switch to virtual and remote modes of interacting with others, including online therapists in the UK and counselling in London and all over the world.

While the mode of communication may differ since clients are talking to their therapists through video or phone calls, the same benefits still stand. Therapists are still able to adequately provide patients with a safe space and use effective techniques to treat psychological and mental health problems, like depression and anxiety.

If you’re wary about leaving your home, we at Seekapsych can easily schedule an online therapy or telephone counselling sessions with an experienced mental health provider and give you the peace of mind and convenience of taking their call without leaving your home.

What kind of problems can Online Counselling help with?

Online therapy and Counselling offer the same benefits as face-to-face individual counselling, minus having to travel to your therapist’s office or clinic. It can also help resolve psychological and emotional issues and disorders, such as:


Characterized by persistent low mood, loneliness, and the loss of interest in hobbies and activities, depression is a serious problem that can lead to serious repercussions if not treated.


Triggered by traumatic and life-altering experiences, trauma can produce long-term physical and emotional symptoms, such as volatile emotions, an inability to connect with people, and jarring flashbacks.


Addiction comes in numerous forms, whether it’s behavioural addiction or substance addiction. The most common types of this disorder are alcohol dependence, opioid addictions, and nicotine addiction.

At some point in your life, you will experience grief or loss, whether through a separation or death of a loved one. Unfortunately, grief and loss may trigger a variety of psychological disorders, such as depression.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem issues may arise from negative experiences and toxic environments, including unsupportive parents, constant bullying, and experiences of abuse.


Considered as one of the most prevalent psychological conditions in the population today, Anxiety is characterized by an overwhelming feeling of worry and fear when faced with stressful or unfamiliar situations.

Panic Attacks

Referred to uncontrolled episodes of intense fear and anxiety, panic attacks may be debilitating for a lot of people because of the physical manifestations, which may include but are not limited to hyperventilation, sweating, and choking sensations.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are psychological conditions that affect the eating behaviour of individuals, be it eating too much or not eating at all.

Unfortunately, eating disorders, if not diagnosed or treated, may lead to dangerous physical manifestations.

Personality Disorders

Characterized by unhealthy patterns of behaviour, habits and communication, personality disorders may negatively affect a person’s ability to fit in and establish healthy relationships and connections with other people.

Some examples of personality disorders include borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Online Counselling

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Why Should You Choose Seekapsych ?

As an expert-led initiative, Seekapsych aims to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to your needs. As a matching service, we understand the importance of our patients’ comfort and security when it comes to engaging in counselling sessions, whether online or face-to-face. Not only do we ensure that your information and privacy are secure, but we are also dedicated to giving you the most hassle-free experience when it comes to connecting to a psychotherapist.

Because of our extensive experience in this industry, we know how much quality is needed to ensure that our patients are properly taken care of. This is why our database of mental health providers consists of only the best of the accredited practitioners and counsellors in London. Start counselling in London today by being matched with the most suitable psychotherapist, counsellor or psychiatrist.

Online Therapy Sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Online counselling sessions are pursued on secure platforms so that your information and the session itself cannot be accessed by anyone aside from you and your therapist.

Online counselling is done almost identically as face-to-face therapies, where counsellors and patients talk about their issues, conflicts, habits, and behaviours to better understand their motivations and thinking patterns.

No. Online counselling sessions are typically the same price or cheaper as face-to-face therapies. The cost of which highly depends on a therapist’s credentials, location, and experience. Health insurers may cover your counselling costs.

No. Online counselling is exclusively done remotely.

Yes. Online counselling can be as effective as face-to-face therapies since our counsellors are very experienced in delivering remote therapy.

You can easily schedule an online counselling session with Seekapsych. Fill in the details required in our “Connect With a Psychotherapist” page. We’ll screen your request and match you with the most suitable psychotherapist in London.

Yes. Online counselling can be pursued through either video-based or audio only-based forms of remote communication.

Some possible problems that may arise with online counselling include communication difficulties because of technology-related connectivity problems, which may make online counselling sessions harder to execute. To avoid these issues, make sure that you have a stable connection and a device that allows you to engage in seamless remote therapy.