Couples Counselling

Learn how to understand and improve your relationships with relationship counselling at a Private Therapy Clinic in London.

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What Is Couple’s Therapy and How Can It Help?

Couple’s therapy or relationship counselling is a type of talking therapy that helps couples better understand the dynamics of their relationship and process their individual emotions and feelings. With couple’s therapy, couples can expound on internal conflicts that they may have been experiencing and look at them from a different perspective.

During a couples counselling session, both individuals can discuss their problems in a safe and open manner in order to achieve a suitable private mental health assessment. In addition, counsellors may also provide couples with an external perspective, which may help them learn better about themselves and how their relationship is going.

When you work with a professional relationship counsellor in London, you can pick up specific habits and techniques to help both of you navigate your relationship better as well as understand each other’s idiosyncrasies.

We are able to match you with a private psychologist that is best able to help you.

What Relationship Issues Can Couples Counselling Help With?

Negative Communication Habits

With couples counselling, couples who have toxic communication habits can undo damaging patterns. Learn how to adopt positive communication through couples counselling and learn other habits that can help you both communicate better.

Infidelity Issues

Trust is a crucial component of any relationship, which is why infidelity is considered a major source of conflict. With relationship counselling in London, couples can mend a relationship after infidelity and reestablish trust.


The illusion of distance in a close relationship is a common occurrence when intimacy wanes. Through relationship counselling, couples can relearn habits that can reintroduce helpful patterns into a relationship that can promote intimacy and bridge the gap between both two parties.

Issues with Personal Boundaries

While couples are expected to like each other’s company, some individuals typically need a set of boundaries for themselves. Couples therapy can help them understand and explain their side in a safe and private space and let the other party understand their needs.

How Can You Schedule Couples Counselling with Private Psychologist?

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Fill out our Connect with a Psychotherapist form

Click the “Connect With a Psychotherapist” button at the top of our website and fill up the contact form with all the needed information, like your name, email address, and the difficulties that you’re going through.

Submit Your Information for Screening and Scheduling

After receiving your enquiry, we can screen and match you with a psychotherapist who is well-versed in what you’re going through.

Wait For Your Couples Counselling Specialist To Be In Touch

A suitable professional will be in touch in order to schedule a session with you.


Why Should You Choose Seekapsych for Couples Counselling?

Seekapsych understands the importance of emotional and psychological support when it comes to relationship conflicts and problems. With years of experience in the mental health industry, we know how important it is for people to get a perfect match when it comes to therapy and counselling, whether for couples or individuals.

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Let Us Help You Mend Your Relationships Through Couples Counselling

Finding the perfect psychologist in London for your relationship conflicts may be complicated, especially when you’re not sure where to find and how to screen mental health experts in accordance with your needs. At Seekapsych, we remove the guesswork and make finding someone suitable a breeze so that you won’t have to worry about anything leading up to your couples counselling session.

Frequently Asked Questions


Relationship counselling refers to a type of therapy that caters to couples who are aiming to resolve issues in order to improve their relationship or just couples who want to enhance their emotional connection to each other.

Yes. Couples’ therapy is an effective way to explore issues within the relationship and tackle these without any judgment and without faulting anyone. The therapist may also give pieces of advice that may improve a couple’s overall dynamic and communication style.

Couple’s therapies are typically performed by licensed therapists and counsellors who have a specialization in marriage and family therapy. Some examples of experts who can help you include registered psychotherapists, licensed professional counsellors, and licensed psychologists. With Seekapsych, we’ll make sure that we schedule you with a mental health provider who has extensive experience in couples’ therapy and counselling.

Not necessarily. Relationship counsellors typically work by discussing conflicts and problems and giving couples an external perspective to make the couple see their relationship through new eyes. However, in some cases, counsellors may discuss the possibility of separation if it is what you and your partner want.

Couples therapy helps maintain healthy relationships by working through emotional conflicts and improving overall intimacy in the relationship. In some instances, couples therapy also provides couples with a clearer perspective on what they both expect in their relationship, which may lower the chances of misunderstandings.

You can easily schedule a couple’s therapy session in London with us at Seekapsych. All we need is your information, and we’ll connect you with the best psychotherapist according to your needs.

No. Through therapy, couples typically get a safe space for them to talk about their issues and the conflicts that they may not have resolved in the past. A psychotherapist or a relationship counsellor may also help them adopt positive behaviors to better communicate and promote a connection between the two parties.

Yes. Relationship counselling sessions aren’t just for couples who are going through conflicts or problems. By engaging in relationship counselling, you and your partner can also learn positive habits and communication techniques that can further strengthen your bond.