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Anxiety can be a challenge to live with, especially if left unmanaged. At Seekapsych, we help you private therapy clinic to address your anxiety.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a healthy response to a situation that elicits fear, worry, or distress. However, long-term anxiety can make an individual’s life more difficult, especially when it is unclear why such feelings occur. Anxiety can be very intense, which can take a toll on the person’s mental health.

If you’re dealing with intense, long-term anxiety, you might notice that feelings of fear, worry, or distress may activate at inopportune moments. These feelings are usually triggered in times of danger and act as a prerequisite to your “fight or flight” instincts. In chronic moments it can make you questions what the point of life is. With anxiety, these emotions may occur even without a clear cause or trigger and may impact your daily life negatively.

One way to make living with anxiety easier is to work with a qualified therapist or take counselling sessions for anxiety. This allows you to manage your symptoms and even identify triggers, so you don’t have to be overwhelmed each time anxiety attacks set in.

Seekapsych can help you find a private therapy clinic if you wish to find suitable anxiety counselling near you.

Common Symptoms and Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety can appear different for everyone. Some symptoms can be more intense, while other symptoms are easily manageable. As such, anxiety can have very different effects on everyone. Some of the more common symptoms of anxiety include:

Rapid and/or irregular heartbeats

Physiological symptoms can be an expression of anxiety and can act as a trigger for anxiety in itself. Many sufferers experience anxiety about anxiety or catastrophise their own physiological symptoms. Avoiding physiological symptoms can in some cases keep anxiety going.


Sufferers of anxiety often see things from a threatening perspective. Because of this things can be seen as a bigger deal than they actually are. This can make people experience symptoms of depression such as persistant sense of low mood.


Many sufferers of trauma will have experienced adverse life events that may have persisted over years or on a very momentary basis. Some sufferers can be stuck in a momentary state of being which often fuels anxiety.

Genetic Factors

The field of epigenetics is showing us how adverse life influences can affect future generations. Many gene expressions have been associated with disorders ranging from schizophrenia to generalised anxiety. A psychologist in London can help with this.

Current Stressors

Adverse factors such as stress producing relationships or work circumstances can make people experience persistent and pronounced anxiety for the first time.


Many sufferers of anxiety overthink as they see it as a helpful procedure to help prepare for potential future scenarios. Sometimes it can serve as a form of avoidance of addressing a bigger issue.

Find a Qualified Professional for Anxiety Counselling and Therapy in London

At Seekapsych, we are committed to finding the right professional for your needs. With our vast network of qualified therapists and mental health professionals for anxiety, we can match you with a trustworthy and compatible counsellor or psychotherapist to help you with your needs.
Here’s how our matching works:

Fill Out Our “Connect With a Psychotherapist” Form

Our form will ask you basic questions regarding your experience and difficulties, preferences, and other relevant information. This form also gathers your contact information for easier contact with a suitable mental health professional.

Seekapsych Reviews Your Form

We will then review your form promptly and go through our list of qualified professionals. Seekapsych takes into account your preferences, budget, and important case points to adequately match you with a counsellor or psychotherapist.

A Qualified Professional Just For You

Once we’ve matched you with the appropriate mental health professional, they will contact you and schedule your first session with them!

How Can Counselling and Therapy for Anxiety Help Your Mental Health?

If you’re looking for a way to control your symptoms, you might want to consider counselling for anxiety. A counsellor will help you understand your situation better and find out what works best for you. They can also help you dig deeper into your emotions and understand what causes or triggers your anxiety. This will greatly help you navigate everyday life, as you unlock a deeper understanding of your condition and new skills to overcome your current difficulties.

Living with anxiety can be difficult, especially if you have severe symptoms. If your symptoms are too difficult to deal with, then your mental health will definitely take the brunt of it. Times might seem dark and hopeless, but with the help of skilled and qualified therapists and counsellors, you can learn to manage your anxiety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Counselling is a very effective way to manage anxiety. Depending on your needs, your counsellor may use different methods to help you identify triggers and develop strategies to cope when anxiety strikes.

The cost of counselling sessions will vary from professional to professional. It may also change depending on the specific issues you wish to address, as well as the therapist’s specialisations and experience.

The issues that will be covered will depend on your form responses as well as your mental health professional’s specialisations. Rest assured, we will do our best to match you with the most appropriate anxiety counsellor that can help address your most pressing issues.

There isn’t much of a difference between therapy and counselling, except for its duration. Counselling can sometimes be more short-term or person centred in it’s approach, whereas therapy refers to long-term sessions. Depending on the mental health professional, the latter may also cover more issues.

Yes. All counselling sessions will remain confidential between you and your counsellor.

No. Seekapsych simply matches you with a suitable therapist or counsellor for anxiety. It is the professionals who will then conduct the sessions with you.