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Supporting your child through difficult situations should be at the forefront of your priorities. Learn how you can help your children navigate through their emotions and their experiences with Psychotherapy Near You.

Children's Counselling

What Is Children’s Therapy
and Counselling?

Just like with individual therapy, children’s therapy aims to provide support and emotional assistance for children who have experienced a variety of possible issues, including their parents’ separation, bullying, and sexual or physical abuse. With therapy, children are given a private platform where they can talk about their emotions and their experiences without any fear or embarrassment. We are able to support children in many ways ranging from depression treatment all the way to suitable anxiety therapy near you.

With a professional child therapist or counsellor, you can assist your child in navigating through their negative experiences and give them the capabilities to properly digest and process their emotions. Someone the best clinical psychologists in London work with us. In addition, child therapy may help your child improve their self-esteem, support healthy emotional development and boost their abilities to forge personal connections.

What Issues Can Children’s Therapy Help With?


While fear and worry are common in children, persistent and extreme manifestations may negatively impact children. Anxiety disorders in children may cause negative side effects if left untreated, which include debilitating symptoms, such as trouble breathing and intense dizziness.


Children are not immune to feelings of loneliness and sadness. Extreme cases may lead your child into thinking or planning suicide. If you think that your child may be experiencing thoughts around suicide or intense low mood, therapy styles focused on your child can help.


Typically triggered by traumatic experiences, children may develop reactions and symptoms of traumatic stress. Unfortunately, trauma is not something that your child may outgrow, and it may negatively affect their brain and nervous systems if triggered repeatedly.


Children typically do not understand the concept of racism at a young age, which may make their first experience increasingly traumatic and confusing for them. This may also lead them into developing social anxiety or anger amongst other developmental problems.

Grief and Loss

Children can experience grief and loss when exposed to death and life-altering changes in their family life. Help your child cope with loss with children’s therapy so that they can properly process their grief and emotions.


Characterized by hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour, ADHD in children may negatively affect their self-esteem, create difficulties establishing friendships. Children will often incur low grades in school.

Eating Disorders

Undiagnosed eating disorders in children can negatively impact their overall development and cause dangerous side effects that may put their lives in danger. Early diagnosis can help parents support their child and reestablish a positive relationship with food.


Shyness in children is a common occurrence, especially when they are exposed to unfamiliar situations and people. However, excessive shyness may negatively affect their ability to interact and get the same opportunities that other children may enjoy.

How Does Engaging in Children’s Psychotherapy Near You?

Children's Counselling

Click on the “Connect With a Psychotherapist” at the top of our website

You’ll be redirected to a contact form asking for your name, contact info, and the difficulties that your child might be having.

Submit the form and wait for us to find a suitable psychotherapist for your child

After you complete the form with the correct information, we’ll get right to finding the best psychotherapist or expert who can help your child.

We’ll reach out to you via email for further instructions

After matching you with a psychotherapist, they will be in contact in order to schedule a session. We can accommodate custom considerations such as a preference for a female- or male therapist.

Why Should You Choose Seekapsych for Private Children’s Counselling?

Here at Seekapsych, we make it a point that clients are matched with the best psychotherapist who can help them navigate through their difficulties. Whether we’re matching for individual therapy or children’s counselling, we can assure you that we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience when it comes to providing psychological and emotional support.

We also acknowledge that safety, security, and privacy are of utmost importance, especially for our younger clients, so that they can thrive in a private and safe environment where their emotions and feelings are valid. Let Seekapsych help you engage in children’s counselling, and we’ll ensure that your child will get the best support he or she needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Children’s counselling is specifically designed to let a child feel safe and secure in a private and danger-free zone, where their emotions are heard and properly processed by a professional.

In some cases, children may want to have you around during the first sessions just until they’re comfortable enough to be left alone with their counsellor.

The primary difference between the two is that children’s therapy typically includes activities and a lot of interaction since they typically do not thrive in an environment where they’re expected to sit still and recount their experiences. To ensure that children are comfortable, they are usually pushed to play with toys or participate in entertaining activities.

Child therapy and counselling can positively impact a child’s ability to process his or her emotions, better grasp their experiences, and develop better self-esteem and more conducive behavioural patterns.

Yes. Children can be left alone during a children’s counselling. However, in some cases, children may want to have a companion while they’re still being introduced to a counsellor.

Children’s therapy and counselling can help with a plethora of psychological and emotional disorders or difficulties, including anxiety, depression, and trauma. In some cases, children’s counselling may also help them better process their emotions during difficult periods, such as when their parents are separating or if a loved one, who they are close with, passes.

Much like how adult counselling is done, children’s counselling consists of talking with a professional counsellor. However, children’s therapy can include activities and play to keep them entertained throughout their session.

Our counsellors who offer children’s therapy are accredited and licensed therapists. At Seekapsych, child counsellors and therapists are thoroughly screened to ensure that they can provide you and your child with the best counselling service in London.